Write a letter to Your uncle is coming from Dubai

Your uncle is coming from Dubai, he wishes to bring you a present of your choice. Write a letter telling him what you want. You are Ajay of 410, Collage lane, Bhopal.

410, College Lane,
Bhopal, M.P.
9 Apirl, 20……………

My dear Uncle,
It is really a wonderful news for me that you are coming home for a few days. I’m very much thrilled because you have promised to bring me a present of my choice.

You know me better than anyone else. My craze for photography is known to you. I’d feel very much grateful if you would get me a YASHICA (automatic) camera. I hope I am not asking for an expensive gift.

Coney my regards to auntie and Appu.

Thanking you,
Yours lovingly,



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