Write a letter to cancel your order

You are Mohini living at 52, Moti Enclave, New Delhi. Write a letter to M/s. Bajaj & Company, Station Road, Kolkata requesting them to cancel your order for the electric goods. Give reason for your cancellation.

52. Moti Enclave,
New Delhi,
10th October, 20……

M/s Bajaj and Company,
Station Road,

Sub: Cancellation of Order.


I placed an order with your company for the following electronic goods. All these items were needed to be delivered to me by you very soon. You fixed the date for dispatching these items by 5th of this month. Till today I have not received anything from your side. So please cancel the order as the delivery date has already been expired as per terms of trade.

List of Items:
1. Ceiling Fans (Common Size) : 10
2. Pedestal Fans (Small Size) : 10
3. Mixie : 15
4. Heat Connector : 6

The inconvenience caused to you is regretted.

Yours faithfully,



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