Uncle Tom’s Magical! Shirt – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

Uncle Tom’s Magical! Shirt


There lived an old man called Uncle Tom. He was very rich. He had two big farm houses and two handsome sons. The only thing that disturbed Uncle Tom was that his sons did not get along well with each other. They always argued over one thing or the other. The tiff between them grew so much that a pavement was built to separate the two farms and the brothers started living separately.

They did not even want to look at each other. But there was one good thing about them. Both of them respected their father and always listened to him. Uncle Tom was greatly worried. He decided to teach his sons a lesson. One day, he wore a coat that was black on one side and red on the other. Slowly, he started walking on the path between the two farms.

His elder son who was watching him from his side shouted,” That’s a nice black coat, Pa!” The other son, at once, mocked at his brother saying, “Can’t you see foolish man, it’s a red coat; not a black one!” Soon, a heated argument started between both. Both were resolute on proving their point. Just then, Uncle Tom called out his sons to come in front of him.

The brothers came running and were surprised to see the coat which was both red and black. Uncle Tom explained to them, “You both were right. It is only the way you look at things. To maintain love and peace, you only need to step into the other person’s shoes and think like that person to understand him better.” Now the brothers realized their mistake and promised their father never to fight again.



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