To Suppliers Request Letters Sample

You are David, head boy of Christian model school, new delhi. Write a letter to united publishers, darya ganj, delhi asking them to send some popular science books for your school library.

Christian Model School,
New Delhi,
20 March, …….
M/s. United Publishers,
Darya Ganj,

Sub: Supply of Books.

Dear Sirs,

We understand that you are on the approved list of booksellers for educational institutions. We should be obliged if you could supply us the following books for our school library.
1. JPH Mathematics by Sharma & Trivedi 10 Copies
2. JPH Science by Dr. S.K. Puri 10 Copies

Please deliver the books in two weeks time and send your bill in triplicate.

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,
Head Boy.



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