The Slave and the Lion

The Slave and The Lion Short Story

the slave and the loin

Once there was a slave. His master was very cruel. He treated him badly. He was sick of him. So he ran away from his master’s house. He went to a forest. There he was a lion crying with pain. The lion sat down before him. He held out his paw. There was a big thorn in it. The slave drew it out and dressed his wound. They became friends.

After a few days, the slave was caught. He was ordered to be thrown before a hungry lion. Many people came to see this act of cruelty.

A lion was caught. He was kept hungry for many days. On the fixed day the lion was let loose on the slave. Luckily it was the same lion. It recognized him. It began to lick his feet. All the people were surprised. The slave told them the whole story. He was set free.

Moral : do good, have good. Or One good turn deserves another.

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