The Silver Key

The Silver Key Short Story

the silver key

A traveler reached a town late in the night. It was raining heavily. The night was stormy. He went to the nearest inn for shelter

The door of the inn was locked from inside. He knocked at it many time. The inn-keeper said, “I am sorry. The key is lost. Only a silver key can open the door.” The traveler understood what the inn-keeper wanted. He pushed a one-rupee coin under the door. The inn-keeper opened the door.

The traveler went in. he said to the inn-keeper, “Please bring my box in. It is lying outside, “The inn-keeper went out. The traveler locked the door from inside. The keeper knocked at it.

The traveler said that the door would not open without a silver key. The keeper had to return the coins.

Moral: Tit for tat.
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