The Proud Jackal

The Proud Jackal Short Story

the proud jackal story

Once a jackal fell into a dyer’s pot. He was coloured deep blue. He hit upon an idea. He went to the jungle and said to his friends, “I am your blue king. God has sent me to rule over you. If you obey me, you will enjoy all comforts of life.” The animals respected him. They feared him. They accepted him as their king.

After some time, he became proud. He became proud. He began to hate the animals. The animals held a meeting. They discussed how to get rid of their cruel clue king. But they could not arrive at any decision. As the meeting was going on, one of the jackals began to howl. The blue jackal also howled. Now the other jackals came to know that the blue king was one of their brethren like them. So they killed him there and then.

Moral : One cannot deceive all the people for all the time.



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