The Lion and The Mouse

The Lion and The Mouse Short Story

the lion and the mouse

It was a hot summer day. A lion was talking rest under a shady tree. A mouse lived in a hole nearby. It came out to play. By chance it jumped upon the body of lion. He lion woke up. He caught the mouse in his paw. He was about to kill it.

The mouse cried for mercy. It said, “O King of the forest, have pity on me. Spare my life. I may help you in adversity”. The lion laughed. However, he let it go.

Many days passed. The lion was caught in a rope-net. He tried to free himself but in vain. He began to roar. He same little mouse heard roar of the lion. It soon came there. It gnawed the ropes with its sharp teeth. The lion became free. He thanked his little friend.


Moral: Do good, find good.                 Or
One good turn deserves another.



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