The Hidden Treasure

The Hidden Treasure Short Story

the hidden treasure

There lived an old farmer. He had four sons. There were very lazy. He wanted to teach them the value of hard work. But the lazy sons did not care for his advice.

One day, the farmer fell ill. He was on death bed. He called his sons and said “I have buried a treasure in my field. But I do not remember the exact place. Dig it out after my death.”

After the death of their father, they went to the field. They dug it from end-to-end. But they found no treasure. They became sad.

In the mean time, an old man passed that way. He knew what their father meant. He advised them to sow seeds. They acted upon his advice. They reaped a rich harvest. They became rich. Thus they learnt the value of hard work.


Moral : No pain, no gain.



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