Sun Moves to Sky – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

Sun Moves to Sky


Long, long time ago, the Sun and Water were very good friends. They lived together on the earth. Sun used to visit Water very often, but Water never returned his visits. One day, the Sun asked Water why it was that he never came to see him in his house. “Dear Sun, my family is very big and your house is too small. The fishes, frogs, plants and other animals inside me are going to take up a lot of space if I visit you.

I do not want to trouble you, dear friend,” water explained. Sun felt insulted. He came back to his house and consulted his brother, Moon. “It is a matter of shame for us if we cannot invite our friends to our house,” Sun complained. Moon agreed with sun’s complaint and suggested to build a very big house with a spacious compound where water could flow in. The work of building a large compound started. It took years to be completed. The compound was very well decorated and Water was invited. Water arrived with his entire family.

Sun heartily welcomed his friend. Moon showed him in. Water began to flow in along with all the aquatic plants and animals. Very soon, Sun, Moon and their family of stars were knee-deep in water. “Do you still want me to come in, dear Sun?” Water asked politely. “Yes, dear Water,” Sun replied. So, more water came in. The family was neck-deep in water now but Sun kept asking water to come in. Water overflowed to the top of the roof. The family of the sun and the moon were forced to go up into the sky to prevent themselves from drowning. Ever since, they have remained there.



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