The Salt Merchant and His Ass

The Salt Merchant and His Ass Story

the salt merchant and his ass

Once there lived a merchant. He dealt in salt. One day he went to the town-market to buy some salt. He loaded his ass with salt and drove it home. There flowed a small stream in their way. As the ass was crossing the stream, its foot slipped. If fell into the water. Some salt dissolved in water. Its load became lighter. Ass was very happy.

Next day, while they were crossing the stream, the ass sat down in the water purposely. The salt melted. The master was very angry. He, however saw through his trick.

He wanted to teach it a lesson. He drove it back. He loaded it with sponges. The ass tried the same trick again. The sponges soaked water. The load became heavier. The ass could not carry it. The master gave it a good beating.


Moral: don’t be over clever.



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