Rohan’s Birthday Gift – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

Rohan’s Birthday Gift


Rohan asked his dad for a bicycle on his tenth birthday so that he wouldn’t have to walk to school anymore. However, Rohan’s dad did not have much money and Rohan got a book instead. Rohan was a good boy, so he did not complain. One bright and sunny day, while Rohan was on his way to school, he saw a big boy on a bike that was too small for him. As the boy was turning around a corner, the bike skidded on a puddle of water and crashed into a tree. “Oh! That’s Priyam, the prefect of class 4!” exclaimed Rohan. Rohan helped Priyam in getting up and picked up his bike. Fortunately, Priyam was not seriously hurt and had got only minor scratches on his knees. “Thanks, Rohan,” said Priyam who also knew him.

They both went to the school together on Priyam’s bike. Priyam also invited Rohan to come to his house in the evening, so that they could play together. Rohan was very excited. He reached home and asked his mother, “Mom, can I go to play with my friend Priyam in the evening?” “Alright, but you must finish your homework first,” replied Mom. In the evening Rohan happily went to Priyam’s house, only two blocks away. Priyam was very happy on seeing Rohan and introduced him to his mother, “Mom, meet my friend Rohan.

He helped me in the morning when I fell off the bike.” Priyam’s mother blessed Rohan and then they both played together for a long time. One week later, it was Priyam’s birthday and he received a new, bigger bike as a birthday gift. Rohan was specially invited and he was surprised to know that he could have Priyam’s old bike. Rohan was overjoyed. From then on, Priyam and Rohan became good friends. Priyam was happy to help his friend who needed the bicycle. Each day, they rode to the school together.



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