Requesting letter to the post master to see your mail is delivered regularly

You are Sachin. You live at 115, Chetna apartments, Mayur Colony, New Delhi. You and yours friends subscribed to two magazines a few months ago. They are regularly getting the magazines while you are not. Write a letter to the post master requesting him to see that your mail is delivered to you regularly and is not lost in the transit.

The post master,
Mayour colony,
March 10……..


I wish to bring to your notice the irregularity and carelessness of the postal department which has caused me unnecessary inconvenience and forced me to write this letter to you.

I along with my friends had taken up a subscription to two magazines ‘computers today’ and ‘competition success review’. While my friends have been getting copies of their subscribed magazines regularly, I have not yet received even one copy of these magazines. I have complained to the head office from where these magazines are dispatched and have been informed by them that they have been sending these magazines at my address regularly and these parcels have been lost in transit. I request you to make sure that my mail is delivered to me regularly. Thanking you.

Yours faithfully
115, Chetna Apartments,
Mayor Colony
New Delhi



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