Request for replacement of damaged goods letter, defective items sample

Write a letter to the firm to replace damaged or defective items

You ordered M/s. Oxford University Press. Darya Ganj, Delhi, some books and stationery items. When you checked the parcel, it contained damaged/defective items. Write a letter to the concerned firm to replace the things at their cost. Sign yourself as Sonia of M-3, Ashok Vihar, Bangalore.

M-3, Ashok Vihar,
Bangalore, Karnataka
10th May, 20…..

M/s Oxford University Press,
Darya Ganj,

Ref.: Our Order No. 1105, dated 31st March, 20………

Dear Sir,
I am shocked to inform you that the books sent by you are badly damaged. I think your assistant had not packed them proper care. Some books are of old editions. They are torn and the pages are all scattered or missing.

It has become quite necessary for me to return the books. You are therefore requested to replace them and send the new books with great care. In the transaction, no fault lies on us. So you are requested to bear the cost yourself.
I hope you will be careful in future and send the books at the earliest.
< Yours Faithfully, Sonia

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