Lession#1 Present Indefinite (Simple) Tense

Present Indefinite Tense Rule in Hindi

Simple Present Tense


(+) S + V1 + O/C
(-)  S + do/does + not + V1 + O/C
(?)  Do/does + S + V1 + O/C

For verbs that end in -O, -CH, -SH, -SS, -X, or -Z we add -ES in the third person.
go – goes
catch – catches
wash – washes
kiss – kisses
For verbs that end in a consonant + Y, we remove the Y and add -IES.
marry – marries
study – studies
carry – carries
NOTE: For verbs that end in a vowel + Y, we just add -S.
play – plays
enjoy – enjoys
say – says



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