The Loving Sister – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

A man had seven strong and handsome so but he longed for a daughter. His prayers got answered and a girl was born to his wife. The ma invited many relatives for a grand naming ceremony the girl. He sent his sons to fetch water for the naming ceremony. By mistake, one of the boys dropped the jug in the well.

It took the boys a lot of time in taking the jug out of the well. By the time that they returned to their home, the guests had already left and the ceremony got delayed. The man could not control his anger on seeing the boys and cursed them to turn into ravens. His words came true!! His sons turned into ravens and flew away to escape their father’s anger. The man felt guilty for having said such wrong words; but nothing could be done now.

His sons were gone. The little girl grew up to be beautiful and courageous. One day, one of her neighbors said to her, “You had seven brothers. But your father cursed them to become ravens. Now, only you can eve them.” The story made the girl cry but she was not going to be saddened. She was determined to find her brothers. She went an old wise lady of her village and sought her help. She followed the old woman’s instructions very closely. She took a ring belonging to her mother and set off. After walking deep into a forest, she came to a glass mountain where her brothers had been locked.

Unable to find a key, she cut off one of her fingers to open the lock. When she went inside, she found seven plate food and seven glasses of water on a table. The girl ate a morsel of food from each plate and took a sip of water from each glass. But in the last glass, she dropped the ring and then went and hid inside. Suddenly, she heard the fluttering of wings. The ravens had returned. They sat down to eat. “Look at this!” the seventh raven picked up the ring in his glass, and recognized it immediately. “I wish our sister was here. If she touched us we would be freed from the curse.” The girl came forward and hugged them lovingly. At once, they were restored to their human form. All of them happily went back to their home. The father was happy to see the efforts and courage of his daughter. He forgave his sons and all of them lived happily together.



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