Letters to Friends Sample

You are Vinod Jain, living at 2-D, Chandigarh. Write a letter to your friend Rakesh on the death of his mother.

2-D, Chandigarh, U.T.
5th August, 20…….

My Dear Rakesh,

I was much shocked to know about the sad demise of your dear mother. I cannot believe even today that she might have died. When I met her last time, she was quite hale and hearty. Who knew that her end was so near?

She was a pious and religious lady. I have suffered a personal loss in her death. She loved me like her own son. I sympathise with you on this irreparable loss. But mysterious are his ways. All have to submit before his sweet will. What cannot be cured must be endured. May God give you enough strength to bear this heavy loss! Let us pray to God to grant peace to the departed soul.

Your sincerely,
Vinod Jain



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