Jim’s Adventure in the jungle – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

Jim’s Adventure in the jungle

Jim was a naughty six-years old boy. He enjoyed playing with his friends, going to school, and eating peanut-butter sandwiches. He was thinking of the fight he had with his parents today in the morning. The whole fight had started over breakfast. Jim didn’t want to eat his vegetables; he wanted a peanut-butter sandwich instead. But his parents kept forcing him to eat the veggies. Jim was so angry that he ran straight into the forest, near his house.

As he made his way through the forest, he began to get scared. It soon became dark and cold. After a while, he saw a man sitting by a tree. He was lonely, dirty and poor. But Jim thought that he looked nice. He thought about what his parents had said: “Never talk to strangers, Jim.” But he sat down anyways. The man was surprised to see a little boy in the forest at that hour. He asked, “Where are your parents? You should be home right now!” Jim sighed. “We got into a fight,” Jim replied.

“I got really mad and ran away from home.” The man looked at him and laughed. Jim was confused. But then the man began to smile. He told Jim about the importance of family. The more the talked, the more Jim became sad about leaving his home. He realized that his parents were very nice to him most of the time, and that now he would never see them again. The man asked, “Do you want to sleep here tonight?” Jim nodded.

So the man gave him a blanket and Jim fell fast asleep. In his dream, he saw his mom and dad. They were crying. They were looking for him verywhere! Jim woke up with a start. He thought about his dream. The man was awake too. Jim said to him, “l need to be back home soon, my parents would be worried.” He rushed back through the forest and reached his home, he saw his parents sitting just outside the door. They told him how worried they were, and how sorry they were. Jim had learnt something from that man. He said that he was sorry too.



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