Henry’s First Snow Storm – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

Henry’s First Snow Storm


Little Henry was born on a faraway island. He was blind by birth. Flowers bloomed all year round on the beautiful island and the sun shone most of the time. So, little Henry had only experienced the warmth of sun and the soothing raindrops. When Henry was six years old, his parents took upon a journey to the hills. The weather steadily grew cold and Henry had to wear thick woollen clothing. It was a completely different experience for Henry.

Every night, they made fire out of logs on the hearth. Henry enjoyed it very much, and found the hot blaze very fascinating. One afternoon, the sky was grey and cloudy. Henry had been standing by the window feeling the outside weather and in a while, he felt extremely cold. Something soft and feathery began falling and resting on the window ledge. Henry opened the window gently. He was surprised when he touched the soft thing. It was so cold! He took some more in his hand, but in a moment, it turned into what felt like water.

Henry was clueless about the name of the beautiful white substance. So, he ran to his mother and asked her about it. She told him that it was snow. “Our home is on a warm island, so it never shown there. That’s why you have never felt it before.” The next morning, Henry’s father brought a beautiful ski, and gave his little boy great pleasure by skiing alongside with him up and down the street. Henry soon learned to ski by himself, and made many friends. He never forgot the amazement of the first snow-storm.



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