The Grey Hare – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

The Grey Hare


Once there lived a grey hare near a village. He always dreamt of eating fine grains stored in a granary despite the dangers involved. Unlike other hares, he found it very lowly to feed from the open fields. Many a times, he had risked his life in such attempts. It was one such winter evening, the hungry grey hare came out of his hole to have some food.

He picked up one ear and listened, then he picked up the other, jerked his whiskers, sniffed, and sat on his hind legs. There was nothing but snow everywhere. The hare wanted to reach his favourite granary across the road. He leapt. Suddenly he saw some peasants walking along the road. He quickly hid himself as he did not want to be caught. As soon as the peasants passed by, the hare crossed the road, and leapt hurriedly towards the threshing floor. A little peasant dog caught sight of the hare and began to bark and darted after him.

The hare panted and gasped and ran for his life. Finally, it was able to dodge the dog away. On his way across the field, he met two other hares who were nibbling and playing. The grey hare joined his mates; helped them in clearing away the icy snow and ate a few grains of winter wheat. He played with them on the well-swept floor and then leapt through the hedge toward his hole. He had learnt that running after things not meant for him could be very dangerous.



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