Greedy King Midas – Short Moral Story for Kids & Student

Greedy King Midas – Short Story for Children


Midas was the richest among the kings of his time. But he was never satisfied. He wanted to become richer by acquiring more and more gold. He always prayed to God to bestow more riches upon him. Other than gold, it was his beautiful daughter who was very dear to him.

He pampered her and showered her with precious gifts. One day, God became pleased with his prayers. He appeared before Midas and said, “O my devotee, what do you want from me? I shall fulfill your desire.” Midas said, “O God, please bless me that whatever I-touch shall become gold.” God granted his wish and disappeared.

Midas was overjoyed! He touched chairs, tables, pillars, and many other things. All of them turned into gold. A while later, he became hungry. He called his servants and ordered them to serve food. As soon as he touched the food, it turned into gold. He was upset. Suddenly his daughter came running to him. Midas touched her head. She, too, turned into gold! Midas was in a fix.

He began crying. He went to his room and started praying again. God appeared and said, “Midas, I gave you what you asked for. Do you want some more riches?” Midas replied, “No! No! I don’t need any more. My greed for riches had made me blind. My daughter has become a statue. I don’t need any gold or riches. I only want my daughter back.” God said, “As you say, dear son. I shall take back the boon.” God disappeared. Midas saw his daughter come back to life. He never became greedy again.

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