Good out of Evil

Good out of Evil Short Story

good out of evil

Once a Merchant Want to a Fair. He Sold His Wares And Earned A Lot. In The Evening He Rode Back Home. The Sky Was Overcast With Clouds. Night Was Falling Fast And His Village Was Far Away.

On The Way, There Was A Forest; He Had Not Goes Far When It Began To Rain Heavily. He Was Drenched To The Skin. He Began To Curse God For Sending Rain.

In The Meantime, A Robber Rushed Out Of The Bushes. He Had A Gun In His Hands. He Said, “Your Life Or Your Money?” The Merchant Took Courage and Spurred His Horse. The Robber Tried To Fire At Him. But The Gun Did Not Go Off. The Gun Powder Had Gone Wet. The Rain Had Proved A Blessing For Him. He Thanked God For Saving His Life.

Moral: Do Not Question The Way Of Good.



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