The Firefly that world not glow – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

The Firefly that world not glow


Once upon a time, there was a firefly. He lived by the side of a beautiful stream with his family. He was happy except for one thing: he could not glow like the other members of his family. “That’s so strange!” the others made fun of him. Gradually, they started to stay away from this firefly. He felt very lonely and sad. So, he asked his Mommy, “Why won’t my friends talk to me anymore?” Mother replied, “Because you’re special and they don’t like that.” But the firefly certainly didn’t feel special.

Eventually, he stopped trying to glow completely and stayed in his room all day long. His mother and father were also very sad because they didn’t like him being sad. One dark night when the moon was not visible, his parents told him to go outside for a walk. Although the firefly didn’t want to, he obeyed his parents. While walking, he saw a pretty light glowing at a distance. The firefly was angry that someone could shine so brightly when he couldn’t shine at all. But then he got curious. He instantly called out, “You’re very pretty.

What kind of insect are you?” “I’m a firefly, just like you,” she answered. “Huh, I am not a firefly,” he snapped. “I can’t glow.” “Of course you can! You only need to believe that you can. You are special like every other firefly, like me; like your parents,” she explained. “We all are special and God loves us equally. Why don’t you smile and dance with me?” The two fireflies began to dance and laugh. Soon, the little firefly began to glow. He began to believe that he could shine, and he actually did. Since then, the two spend days and nights shining together by the riverside. They are the brightest of all the fireflies.



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