The Fasting Monkeys – Short Moral Stories for Kids

The Fasting Monkeys – Short Story for Children

A group of monkeys decided to fast for one day. “Imagine how hungry we would be when we end our fast!” gibbered the monkey chief’s wife. “Before we begin, we should keep some food ready to end the fast with,” ordered the old monkey chief. All the monkeys nodded their heads in agreement.

The youngsters were sent in search of food. They returned with huge bunches of ripe bananas which they distributed among themselves. “Why don’t we peel one banana and keep it ready to eat?” said one of the youngsters. “Yes, let’s do that,” shouted a fat monkey. The very sight of those luscious bananas was making him hungry. “All right,” said the monkey chief. “We shall peel the bananas but under no condition should we eat them.” “Can I keep the banana in my mouth? I promise not to eat it till the evening. Please!” a little monkey asked his father.

“Why don’t we all put a banana in our mouth? That way we can chew it immediately when we break the fast,” said his father. “As long as we don’t eat. It is fine,” he added. So, the monkeys put the bananas in their mouths. In a little while, they began looking at each other uncomfortably and then they began looking away from each other. The gathering was filled with sudden munching sounds. Then there was a gulp here, and a gulp there and a blush on every monkey’s face. Within no time, the bananas had disappeared. And that was all about the fasting monkeys.



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