Essay or Paragraph on Diwali or Dipawali for All Classes Students

Essay on Diwali for All Classes Students

In our country, we so often celebrate many a festival, but I like Diwali most. It is a festival of sweets and lights: It is a festival that gives us the greatest joy, we find children letting off crackers everywhere. The ladies busy themselves in preparing sweets and the menfolk too do not lag behind in making merry.

The word Diwali means ‘a row of lights’. It is indeed a festival when every house-top is illuminated with lamps. The people start making preparations for this festival much earlier. They get their houses white-washed they keep their homes tidy and clean. All the houses are decorated with coloured frills, bulbs
and pictures.

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There is a tale about the beginning of this festival. On this auspicious day, Lord Rama had returned to Ayodhya, after defeating Rayana, the king of Lanka. On the eve of his return, the people of the country expressed their delight and welcomed him by lighting lamps on their house-tops. Since then this festival has been continuing in the country.

On the night of Diwali, the goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. The businessmen close their accounts on Diwali night. From the Diwali Day, the businessmen start their new year.

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People everywhere in the country celebrate this festival. In towns, villages and cities, the bazars are full of crackers, toys, pictures of the gods and goddesses and the sweets. People wear their best clothing and walk out into the bazars to make purchases.

Huge crowds can be witnessed on this occasion everywhere in villages, towns and cities. People rejoice when the children let off crackers. We see them dancing with joy.

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This festival mostly falls in the month of November every year. The rich and poor alike celebrate this festival. We observe much joy in the hearts of the people. They visit temples. Where divine songs are sung and ‘Kirtanas’ are held. In all the temples the lives of the gods and the goddesses are shown through pictures and images. Thousands of people watch these scenes which have got much spiritual importance.

The children enjoy this festival very much. They buy crackers and let them off. They buy sweets and toys. They decorate their homes and dance with happiness. The bankers and dealers in gold and silver celebrated this festival with a great zeal. People perform havans in their homes and business-houses. They send sweets to their kith and kin.

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All the temples present picturesque outlook. Electric lamps in their thousands glitter and present a beautiful spectacle. I had a chance to visit the Golden Temple, Amrftsar. It was well-lit and looked like a small heaven on earth. People in thousands were visiting the Golden Temple. The reflections of the electric-lamps below in the holy tanks presented a beautiful scene.

It may be mentioned here that on this auspicious and spiritually significant day. Lord Mahavira attained nirvana. Swami Ram Tirath died in the lap of the holy Ganga on this day. Swami Dayanand Saraswati died on this day.

Therefore this festival has much historical and cultural importance. The Indians living abroad too celebrate this festival.

Some people gamble on this night. It is a bad habit. We should take a vow to return to the path of goodness on this auspicious night.

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