The curious little Ant – Short Moral Stories for Kids

The curious little Ant – Short Story for Children

Once there was a colony of ants. The ants were collecting food to store for winters. A tiny ant asked her mother, “Why are we collecting food for winter now?” “If we go out in winter, it may be fatal for us. We have to be careful of rain too or we may die,” replied his mother.

The tiny ant grew more and more curious to go outside and observe the weather changes herself. Soon, she got her chance. It started to rain heavily. Ignoring her mother’s warning, the tiny ant went out of the anthill. She had not even taken a step in the rain when a drop of water swept her away.

The tiny ant screamed for help but her soft voice got lost in the thunder and pitter-patter of rain drops. The ant was struggling hard to save herself when she saw a scrap of wood nearby. Quickly, she clung to the scrap and thanked God. Soon the rain stopped and the ant swam back to her anthill. Her mother, who had been anxiously looking for her everywhere, hugged her and scolded her for going out in such a weather. The tiny ant asked for forgiveness from her mother. She finally understood why children should always listen to their parents.



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