The Cuckoo Clock – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

The Cuckoo Clock Story

Alice lived alone with her grandmother in a cottage beyond a field. She was always thinking of the cuckoo clock that stood in one corner of the cottage. Every hour, a door opened at the top of its face. A little cuckoo came out and said her name the same number of times that the clock ought to have struck. She thought of the clock so much that her grandmother felt lonely.

She used to say, “Alice, you should talk to me sometimes!” But Alice never paid attention to her grandmother’s loneliness. One day, she saw some young girls from the school gathering flowers in the garden. “Give me one,” she said. But they all cried, “No, no! They are for the little one’s birthday. Tomorrow she will be seven years old,” they said, “and she is to have lots of gifts and a cake, and all through the day, we shall play merry games with her.” “Is she unhappy?” asked Simmi. “No, she is very happy.

But it is her birthday, and we want to make her happier.” “Why?” “Because we love her,” said one of the girls. Simmi was reminded of her granny who loved her and needed her love and care. She felt guilty for her behaviour and decided to do everything to make granny happy. As she entered the cottage, the cuckoo called out its name eleven times, but she did not even look up. She walked straight across to the chair by the fireside, and knelt down to kiss her granny’s hands. Granny’s smile told Simmi that her love and company was enough to keep Granny happy.

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