Complaining about the washing machine asking for its replacement

Write a letter to M/s. Swastik Electronics, 19, Industrial Area, Faridabad, Complaining about the washing machine (which you purchased recently and is giving you trouble now) asking for its replacement immediately. Invent necessary details. You are Arun of 256/C Janakpuri, New Delhi.

256/C. Janakpuri,
New Delhi-21,
5th August, 20…..

M/s. Swastik Electronics,
19, Industrial Area,
Faridabad, Haryana.


Sub. : Replacement of Washing Machine.

May I remind you that I purchased a washing machine BPL-258 from your showroom vide cash memo no. 528 dated 2nd January, 2012. You praised its quality, stability and functioning. You supplied me with a guarantee card for a period of one year in case any difficulty arises in due course. To the surprise of all, the washing machine did the best service for a few months but now it has ceased functioning. Its washing machine system does not work properly and does not wash the clothes. It looks as if some fault has crept into it. Its plastic gauze have got many cracks and the internal body along with its parts are in a wavering condition.

Kindly replace the same at your earliest.
Yours faithfully.

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