The Boy Who went to U.S.A – Short Moral Stories for Kids

The Boy Who went to U.S.A – Short Story for Children

Once there lived a boy, in a far off village. He was in the habit of boasting and bragging about his heroic deeds. Most of the time, he would sit under the village banyan tree with other village lads and tell them about his adventures in foreign countries.

Innocent village people listened to his stories with awe and fascination and believed him as he had been out of the village many times. Each time he carried back tales from unknown lands. Once when he returned from a trip, he gathered all his friends under the tree to share his new exploits.

He told about the wonderful places of the USA, the clean streets and all of it. He seemed to enjoy the expressions of wonder on the faces of people as they listened to him. He continued telling one tale after another. “There is the Statue of Liberty in the USA. It’s VERY tall! I jumped so high that I touched the tip of the torch in its hand. If you go there, you can ask anybody about me,” he boasted. “Wow! That’s great,” his friends exclaimed.

There was none who was not impressed by him. One wise fellow, who was also present there, rose from his seat and interrupted, “My dear child, none of us is likely to visit the USA ever. Do one thing, jump and touch the highest branch of that tree. We will believe you.” The boastful boy could not let himself down so easily. “I will definitely show you,” he said and jumped up high to touch a branch. In his pride, he lost his balance and fell down with a bang!



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