Boon of Mother Hubbard – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

Once there lived a woman. She had a step-daughter who was very pretty and hardworking, but her own daughter was ugly and lazy. The step-mother was very cruel and wicked. She would make her step-daughter spin all day long and sell the produce in the market. One day, while spinning, the step-daughter’s fingers started to bleed. She rushed to the well to wash her bleeding fingers but dropped the shuttle into it.

She was very scared of her step-mother. She could not ask for her help. So she jumped inside the well to get the shuttle but lost her consciousness. When she regained senses, she found herself in a beautiful meadow. Wandering there, she was shocked to see things that could talk. A loaf of bread kept inside an oven cried out to her for help. She took it out of the oven.

Then the mango tree asked for help. She shook the mango tree to drop the ripe mangoes. At last she reached the house of Mother Hubbered an old lady who lived in the meadows. Mother lovingly gave her shelter. The girl did all the c to help the old lady. After some time, she longed to go back home. As a reward for her hard work, Mother Hubbered heaped upon her a shower of golden rain, which clung to her. When the step-daughter reached home and narrated her story, her step-mother desired for her own daughter to be blessed with so much wealth too.

The lazy girl also jumped into the well and soon found herself in a beautiful meadow. But, she was too proud to help the burning loaf or listen to the mango tree’s request. When she came to Mother Hubbered’s house, she worked hard for one day but soon became lazy and refused to move. She was only thinking of the wealth she would get. So, when it was time for her to return home, Mother Hubbered emptied a kettle full of tar on her that never came off!



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