Why Bat’s Come Out only at Night- Short Moral Stories for Kids

Why Bat’s Come Out only at Night- Short Story for Children

Once there was a bush rat who became friends with a bat. They always ate together and stayed together. The bat cooked very tasty soup. Whenever the bush rat had the soup made by the bat, he would say, “How do you make such tasty soup?” The bat only laughed in answer.

He was jealous of the bush rat and so, he did not want to share his secret with him. One day, he decided to reply to the rat’s question. “I boil myself in the water. As my flesh is very sweet, the soup tastes good,” said the bat. The bat actually demonstrated it before the rat. He brought a pot of boiling water, scurried in and out of it and made soup with that water. The bush rat tasted the soup.

It tasted as good as the one he used to have. He hurried to his hole and surprised his wife. “I am going to cook the most delectable soup for my hardworking wife with the secret recipe of my friend, the bat,” the bush rat announced. He began to boil water and jumped into it when his wife was not looking. But he was not as swift as the b and burnt himself to death. The rat’s wife wanted to punish the bat.

She reported the matter to the king. ‘i The king gave orders for the bat to be made a prisoner. All the soldiers set out to catch the bat. As the bat had expected trouble, he flew away to a bush and hid himself. Every day, the soldiers tried to catch him in day light. So, he had to change his habits. He came out to feed only when it was dark. That is why, you never see a bat in the daytime.



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