Barky The Barking Dog – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids


Barky The Barking Dog Short Moral Story

It was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. Sameer’s parents were not at home. For some time, Sameer watched TV but then he started getting bored. So, he decided to go to the park to play a basketball match with his friends. Nobody was home except Barky, his pet Alsatian dog. Just after Sameer had left, a burglar forced open the window of his house. He stepped inside through the window and began searching the rooms.

He caught sight of the locker. He turned the combination lock and opened the locker. The burglar had once been the best friend of Sameer’s father and knew the secret combination to open the locker. He took out the cash and valuables and kept them in the bag he had brought with him. As he was about to leave, he heard a fierce and loud bark. He looked up and saw a big dog. He froze in terror. Barky was about to pounce on him when Sameer came home. Sameer ordered Barky to sit down.

He was very surprised to see his father’s best friend doing this. He burglar tried talk very sweetly to sameer reminding him of the lovel trips sameer made with him but sameer was adamant He warned the burglar, “Stay here quietly else Bark will bite you!” And immediately called his parents as well as < the police. In no time, Sameer's parents and the police came there. A policeman handcuffed the burglar after Sameer told him what had happened. In the end, the burglar was sentenced to five years jail and fined ten thousand rupees for his crime. Every one praised Barky and Sameer. Barky's Brave Act

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