Bad Company

Better Alone than in Bad Company Story

bad company story

Once a boy fell into bad company. He mixed with bad boys and wasted his time. It pained his father. He tried his best to set him right, but to no use.

One day, the father thought of a plan. He bought some fresh apples from the bazaar. He brought one rotten apple also. He said to his son, “put these apples in the almirah.” The boy did so.

Next day, the father asked him to bring the apples. The boy was sad to see the apples. They were all rotten the father said, “One rotten apple has spoiled all the good ones. Bad friends are like bad apples. They will spoil you.” These words worked magic. The boy gave up bad company and became as-good-as before.

Moral : Better alone than in a bad company.

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