An Election Scene – Short Essay or Paragraph

Essay on Indian Election

An Election Scene
An Election Scene

An election scene is full of thrill and excitement. If present an interesting sight. Last Sunday it was a polling day for the state Assembly. Our school was one of the polling stations. Though I was not a voter yet I want there.I saw long queues of voters. There were tents of different candidates. Their supporters and agents were busy, canvassing. The voters came to the polling station in different vehicles. Each voter had a small chit in his hand showing his number in the voter – list. As soon as he reached the polling booth, the polling clerk put a mark with an indelible ink on his left finger.

After that he went behind a curtain where the voting machine was lying. There he pressed the button against the name of the candidate whom he wanted to vote. Voting was done in strict secrecy. There was a lot of hustle and bustle. The candidates and their supporters seemed to do be suffering from election fever. The whole place was noisy and crowed.

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