Air Pollution

A Short Paragraph on Air Pollution

air pollution
The problem of pollution is engaging the attention of the sensible people in the developed as – well – as the developing countries. What do we mean by pollution? It means contaminating the elements of air, water and earth.

We are polluting the air that we breathe. The agents of air pollution are the chimney smokes and the fumes from cars and trucks. In winter there is thick smoke all over the city. As a result the people don’t get enough oxygen.

They develop bronchial problems or breathing trouble. Delhi alone has millions of vehicles witch burn petrol or diesel.

Then there are thermal power plants and factories which use coal. There is hardly any green cover left on the ridge. Trees have been felled and the public parks have turned into slums. If we don’t check air pollution is not far when we shall have to carry oxygen cylinders to keep us alive.



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