A Wedding in the Family – Short Essay or Paragraph

Short Essay on a Wedding Ceremony I Attended

A Wedding in the Family
A Wedding in the Family

The marriage of my elder sister was celebrated on the 15th of May with great pomp and show. Great preparations were made a month before. Wedding cards were issued to relatives and friends a week before. On the wedding day the guests started arriving.A big shamiana was pitched. It was decorated and well lighted. Our hose was also illuminated with bulbs. The marriage party arrived at 10 p.m. the Bridegroom came riding (on) a mare the guests were welcomed warmly.
< After The 'milni' the 'jaimala' ceremony was performed. Cold drinks were served. The guest enjoyed the dinner. The bridegroom and his relatives stayed for the holy ceremony. The doli left early next morning. The parting scene was very touching.

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