A Nice Garment – Short Moral Story or Paragraph for Kids

A Nice garment
Once there was a beautiful princess. She lived with her father and mother in a huge castle. They were very happy. One day, the enemy king attacked their kingdom and captured the king and the queen. Luckily, the princess escaped to a neighbouring city. She was roaming here and there when she came across a cottage. The cottage belonged to a poor old man who gave her shelter and food. He loved her like his own daughter and treated her well.

The grateful princess wished to repay his kindness someday. The next time when the old man visited the c. market, the princess requested him to buy some flax for her. The old man brought some flax and gave to her. She wove it into fine thread and made a very so cloth with it. “Kind man, sell this cloth in the market. It will fetch very good price. The money will help you, “she requested. The old man carefully observed the cloth. He had never seen such a fine sample. So, instead of selling it away, he decided to gift it to the king of his kingdom.

The king became very pleased and gave him a big reward in return. The old man returned happily, to his cottage and blessed the little girl. The king wanted to get another cloth sewn but there was no tailor in the kingdom who could sew such a fine cloth. “Your majesty, let the person who had woven the cloth earlier sew this one too,” advised his minister. So, the old man was called upon and handed over the cloth. The old man took the cloth back to the girl. The next day, the girl herself took the garment to the king. The king came to know of her story and helped her get back to her father and mother by attacking the enemy king. The princess was very happy and the two kings became great friends.

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